Moving into Your Sinclair Home

So you’ve recently purchased your new Home at Nestings in Simcoe or at The Village Farm in Embro. Congratulations! You can relax knowing your new Sinclair Home will be a quality built home, with comfort and energy features of tomorrow and it will bring you joy and comfort for decades to come.

Before you and your family start enjoying all the benefits of your new Sinclair Home, you’re probably thinking about your move-in day. 

You may start feeling a bit of nostalgia towards your current place of residence, you have cared for it, you have loved it, but now it’s time to leave it behind and the first thing that might be on your mind is get ready for the move and declutter. 

While things may seem overwhelming at first, there’s certainly a great and comforting feeling in knowing that you’re moving into your dream home. 


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Here are a few steps to help you prepare for the move.

We all have those little items we don’t use like ever, but are unwilling to separate ourselves from them. And we start our decluttering process by grouping our items and belongings into following groups: 

Want it,
Want it more,
No way I’m throwing this out and
I wish I could keep this.

While it’s a fun way to start your decluttering and organizing process, it doesn’t help much. You might consider grouping and organizing your belongings into groups: SELL, DONATE, KEEP and TRASH.

Make it easier on your self and reduce the stress levels by giving yourself plenty of time, organize and declutter one room at the time and leave the essentials for last.  

Keep your valuables and documents separately and transport them to your new house yourself.  

Separate the items you’ve decided to donate or to throw out from your keep and sell items so you don’t confuse the piles and get stuck with the things you’re actually wanting to get rid of.  

You can feel good by donating your old clothing and small household items to Diabetes Canada, Salvation Army, Goodwill or any other organization accepting donations.

Recover some of the moving costs by organizing a garage sale or by selling your items on a local buy and sell website, or Facebook, Ebay, or Kijiji.

Moving Day Into Sinclair Home

Preparations for moving day.

By now you probably already know if you’re using storage pods from companies like Pods or Mobile Storage Rentals, truck rentals from Uhaul or National, or you’re using your own or friends’ vehicles. 

You will also need moving supplies, like: boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape gun, labels, box cutters and permanent markers.
Clearly labeling your boxes with fragile items will reduce breakage. So if you’re hiring a moving company or getting help from friends, make sure these boxes are clearly labeled. 

Make sure to let your utility companies know your move date, so your services can be switched over to your new property.

Notify your phone company, your tv and internet service providers, your financial institutions, your medical professionals, schools, employer and so on of your new address. 

Contact Canada Post and change your mailing address for all bills, etc. and have your mail forwarded from your old address to the new one.

Don’t forget to leave mailbox, shed, garage and any spare keys as well as appliance and furnace manuals for the new owner.


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Plan Your Move-in Day.

Don’t forget to be a good friend!

If you have friends or family helping with the move, be sure to have food and beverages for them. Moving a friend and loading and unloading is hard labour, so staying hydrated and fed will make the move with your friends and family a breeze and efficient. 

Moving Day Into Sinclair Home

Remember to always stay safe, work in pairs and teams and avoid any possible damage to your items and to avoid any possible injuries.  

Sinclair Homes is excited to provide you the best living experience related to your new home in one of our communities. If you think any of these options suit your tastes and needs, feel free to sign up for one or all of our communities or get in touch.

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