What is a Bungaloft and why you will love it?

Our recent announcement of the new bungaloft community, Nestings, in beautiful Simcoe, Ontario, has generated great excitement with homebuyers from various stages in their personal and professional lives. The design and layouts of the luxury bungalofts are highly adaptable and suitable to any buyer’s needs.

A bungaloft is a main floor home with the advantage of a second level space that overlooks the main areas, such as the kitchen or living room. Buyers who find the idea of a bungaloft home appealing, will appreciate the many additional perks of the Nestings Community’s beautiful modern bungalofts.


Additional Living Space

Having the extra space upstairs is ideal for homeowners who want the feeling of open concept and the comfort of a bungalow without the loss of an extra bathroom and bedroom for visitors, growing families, or grandbabies. It can be a spacious retreat for children and visitors while still open and integrated with the main floor. It can also be a perfect fit as a home office for the buyer who prefers to work from the sanctuary of the home, without their professional life taking over their main living space.


A Loft With A View

The loft feature of a bungaloft is a fresh modern design that offers versatile architecture. The design of these homes combine the coziness of a bungalow, with the convenience of having a larger open space. Along with that extra added space, the loft aspect of the design can give families more interaction, and a feeling of inclusion and togetherness.

The possibilities for the second level space are endless. Curl up with your partner and watch a movie, or imagine a space where you can sit, wine glass in hand, reading a book, or listening as music gently floats down to the lower level on grandparents playing cards or children doing homework. The loft with a view can be all that or more depending on how you choose to create it because, in the loft, the throne is yours, and you are the monarch.


Vaulted Ceilings

One of the most attractive features of bungaloft living are the eye-catching ceilings, which are vaulted to provide a feeling of expansive space, impressive functionality, and luxurious appeal. The design also allows more natural light to fill the home and create a bright and airy setting.

Nesting’s bungaloft new home designs can utilize the extra space with numerous optional possibilities for home buyers to customize their interior living space to their liking. No matter the choice, whether extra bedrooms, a great home office or more, buyers are sure to love that the extra space these designs afford are great for resale value.


Live in Style

An exciting and spacious twist on classic mid-century bungalow, these modern style bungalofts are made with quality materials that will never lose their charm and will stand the test of time. Family and friends will love to visit, feeling the refreshing comfort and convenience of the home upon entry with its welcoming and open space, neutral colour tones, and the many customization options.


Want to See More?

Sinclair Homes is proud to offer you the best living experience in the Nestings Community of Simcoe, Ontario. Get VIP access to the launch of Nesting’s new builds here. For a downsizing retiree or growing family that thinks main floor/bungaloft living is a great fit, take a look at our virtual tour of the bungaloft or get in touch.


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