Questions to Ask Your Builder About Your New Home’s Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of buying a new home from Sinclair Construction in Ingersoll is that you know your home will be energy efficient. We surpass government-regulated energy efficiency requirements so that you can save money on utilities and reduce your carbon footprint. But not every builder is the same. If you’re having a new home built, be sure to ask your builder the following questions about energy efficiency.

1) Can I have higher insulation levels?

All new homes built in Ontario have to adhere to certain laws and building codes, including those surrounding insulation levels. But there is room for upgrading to a higher insulation level. Ask your builder if you can have this upgrade – they likely won’t present it to you as an option, so make sure to be proactive.

2) Is all of the equipment Energy Star certified?

It’s not just the house itself that should be energy efficient – all of the equipment that is installed in your new home should be Energy Star certified. This certification guarantees that your equipment meets the highest energy efficiency standards. Products that should be Energy Star certified include your furnace, water heater, air exchanger, windows and doors.

3) What type of insulation is being used above the garage?

If you have living quarters above the garage in your new home, like bedrooms or a loft living space, ask your builder what type of insulation they’re using for the garage: foam or regular insulation. The regular insulation used for garages is not enough. Because most garages don’t have heating or cooling vents in them, it’s important to keep the temperatures of the living spaces regulated by installing extra insulation in the garage ceiling.

4) How airtight is the home?

Newly built homes often use advanced air sealing techniques to ensure that the home is airtight. This involves sealing any seams, joints and openings in the building during construction. Make sure your builder is using these techniques. Waiting until after construction is complete to seal gaps with caulking isn’t as effective at improving your home’s energy efficiency.

5) What are my options for energy efficient appliances?

When you’re buying a new build home, it’s not unusual for the appliances to come standard with the purchase. But if you do choose to buy appliances straight from the builder, make sure you’re getting the most energy efficient option. Energy Star appliances are widely available and can make a huge impact on your utility costs and carbon footprint, so ask your builder if these are an option for you.

At Sinclair Construction in Ingersoll, we pride ourselves on our highly energy efficient new homes. Contact us for more information about our commitment to the environment!

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