From Foundations to Families Episode 1

The Concrete Pouring Begins!

In the first episode of Foundations to Families we take a look at the Westwood Trails site, where the foundation had begun being laid. Within the video, you get a bird’s eye view of the site to give you an idea of just how things have been progressing as of late!

In the last few weeks, we have been able to place the footings, lay the foundation, and start the framing on the model homes. As we will show you in episode two of Foundations to Families, the homes are prefab and built in in Ayr- so once the foundation is laid, the homes go up quite quickly!

From there, we explore one of the many nature trails that is only minutes away from the site! Norfolk County has a vast selection of trails that will take you through beautiful forests, wetlands, grasslands, and farmers fields. It is an amazing way to tour and take in the local area. In addition to being able to walk or bike during the warmer months, you can also snowshoe and cross country ski in the winter!   

In further episodes of Foundations to Families, we hope to give more insight into the development of Westwood Trails, as well as feature the Norfolk County area and it’s spectacular amenities! 

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