From Foundations to Families Episode 2

Pre-Fab homes Factory Tour

In episode two, we travel to Ayr to Tampa Hall where they manufacture and preassemble the homes. As a leader in advancing the use of engineered building components for housing in Canada, they play an important role in the construction and creation of our homes. 

Rob from Tampa Hall goes into detail in regards to the pre-cutting of the wood, and the different forms of technology that they use to insure the quality of the materials. 

When looking into the benefits of prefab building- there are many important things to note, including the following:

Quality Control: As the elements are built in a controlled, contained environment- there is careful review of plans and specifications before installation. As such, any mistakes or potential problems can be identified before they could become an issue onsite.

Safer Jobsite: Through the use of prefab, there is very little cutting done on the job site. Therefore, using prefab often reduces potential waste and results in a much tidier site.

Shorter Construction Time:  With many of the elements being built offsite, this impacts the on-site construction, significantly shortening it. As such, we are able to plan ahead, and can eliminate some of the potential on-site weather issues that go along with construction.   

These, along with many other factors play an important role in the benefits of prefab as it relates to the construction of your home. Through using prefab, we are able to give you a high quality, quicker, and more eco-friendly build. 

In the next episode of Foundations to Families we will be returning to the Westwood Trails site to take a look at the progress on the model homes, which will feature some of the prefab pieces that you saw in today’s video!

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