How To Protect Your New House When Moving In

New build homes are perfect for homeowners who are looking for something that’s move-in ready, and you don’t have to worry about damage or dirtiness from previous owners. But moving your furniture, boxes and other items into your new home can result in damage if you’re not careful, whether you hire a moving company or go the DIY route.

Planning ahead and taking extra steps for precaution will help you keep your new home safe from damage during the move-in process!

1. Prepare your items

It’s important to prepare your items for a smooth move-in process. If you’re moving large appliances, like stoves or fridges, make sure they are wiped clean and dried before you go to move them. Dirty or wet appliances can be slippery, and if dropped, large appliances could do irreparable damage to your brand new floors.

Small, fragile items should be packed away in boxes. Consider putting foot pads on couches, tables and other similar pieces of furniture, and cover sharp corners with blankets or pieces of foam.

2. Protect your walls and floors

Preparing your items is the first step in protecting your walls and floors from damage, but you should always ensure that your walls and floors themselves are protected as well, so you can avoid costly repairs. Consider protecting carpets with a self-adhesive plastic to protect from tearing, footprints and other damage. Protective covers for hardwood floors are also available to help protect from dents and scratches during the move. Consider hanging drop cloths on your walls in narrow rooms and hallways to prevent dents or scuffs.

3. Take care when moving large items

Give yourself plenty of time to move large appliances and furniture, especially when carrying them through doorways and hallways.

Make sure you have enough people on hand to help for the really large items, so there’s no need to drag furniture or appliances across your new floors. Dismantle as much of your furniture as you can before you move in so items are easier to carry and manoeuvre. Make use of trolleys and dollies wherever possible. And to make things really simple, measure doorways and hallways in advance (or get the measurements from your builder) so you know they’re wide enough for furniture and appliances.

4. Keep children and pets out of the way

Moving day can be chaotic, and the chaos can lead to accidents that may cause damage to your floors and walls. One of the best ways to ensure that things go smoothly is to keep children and pets out of the way to avoid tripping and other accidents. If you have really small children, consider asking someone to babysit on the day you move in, and think about keeping your pets in pet carriers until all of your items have been moved into your new home.

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