Must-Haves For Your New Home

Building your own home gives you the opportunity to customize every room exactly the way you want. While you’re probably excited about the design and layout of your home, before you set anything in stone consider this list of must-haves curated by the design team at Sinclair Homes.

Maximized Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The kitchen is also where most people struggle with organization and complain of not having enough space. When designing your kitchen, consider lower cabinets with slide out drawers for pots and pans. We also recommend installing taller and deeper cabinets with accessible corner cabinets for extra storage, and built-in recycling and composting waste bins.

Inspired Lighting

Incorporate task lighting, like pot lights, in functional areas of your home. Consider installing task lighting above a kitchen island, in a rec. room, or where ceilings are vaulted. Installing lighting underneath overhanging cabinets is both a functional and high-end touch that everyone appreciates. Consider taking it a step further by installing occupancy or motion sensors. These motion activated lights are convenient and provide additional safety in the evenings. Last, but certainly not least, add dimmers for ambiance. This will ensure that you’re able to control the mood of your home’s lighting.

Upgraded Bath

For many, the bathroom is synonymous with relaxation. Investing in your bathroom is the ultimate in self care. For you, this could be the addition of luxurious stone counter tops, and upgraded bathtub or shower in your en suite. Consider heated tile flooring and a beautiful his-and-her vanity with upgraded faucets. Splurging on at least one room in your home where you spend a lot of quality time is money well spent.

Add-ons to Covet

In addition to the elements above, the Sinclair Design Team has a few extra items that you’ll want to add to your wish list.

  • Solid oak staircases are one of our must-haves because they’re beautiful, they stand the test of time, and can be sanded and stained to exactly your preference.
  • High-quality engineered wood floors are another must-have because they’re more durable and offer many chic options to choose from.
  • If you prefer tile, we recommend considering large format tile flooring. This style is offers a more modern style that all your house guests will surely admire.

Stone counter tops are the ultimate in luxury and are a standard install in all Sinclair Homes’ kitchens. We highly recommend investing in a quality counter top like granite or quartz in your bathroom as well and opting for an under mount sink. Just as it sounds, under mounted sinks are installed from below your cabinets, creating a smooth and streamlined look.

If you’re in the market for a new home, contact us to set up a viewing of the townhomes in our Westwood Trails community. We’ll work with you to make all your custom must-haves for your new home come true!

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