An Exciting New Community In Simcoe!

Whether you are looking for a place to grow your family or settle into retirement, Simcoe is a wonderful region to call home.

Westwood Trails is a brand new community in the Simcoe area that offers the luxury of new, custom-designed townhomes and bungalofts to suit every stage of life. Here are a few reasons why a new community in Simcoe is a great fit:

Join a growing community

When you move into the Westwood trails community of Simcoe, you have the benefit of growing with the community. As a new development, you will be one of the first to move into the community and help be a part of its growth. Outside of the community, you have access to many local attractions and fantastic eateries, so you can enjoy both your local community and the wider Simcoe area.

High Value Homes

Houses in Simcoe give homebuyers much better value for their money than competing communities like Toronto, Brantford, and Hamilton.

In Simcoe, you will find lower housing prices but the same great quality as in the bigger cities, especially in newer home builds.

An additional benefit is that the homes in Westwood trails are vacant land condos. A vacant land condo is a section of bare land that is sold and used to construct a condo, townhome, or bungaloft. This differs from other condominium properties, as the land is included in your unit. A vacant land condo gives you the ability to customize your interior space as well as create the outdoor space of your dreams!

The best of both worlds

Simcoe is ideally positioned between the great outdoors and the big cities. Living in Simcoe provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, while also being close to the cultural offerings and excitement of larger cities like Toronto, Brantford, and Hamilton. The benefit of living in Simcoe is that you are close enough to enjoy the bigger cities but get to live in the privacy and beauty of the countryside.

Have questions about the new and exciting Westwood Trails community? Contact Warren D. Sinclair Construction in Simcoe today.

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