5 Reasons to Buy an Energy Efficient Home

At Sinclair Construction in Ingersoll, we’re committed to energy efficiency. All of our homes are built to surpass Ontario’s energy efficient building code, and we believe that energy efficiency is essential to a long-lasting home. But why should you consider buying an energy efficient home?

1) Reduced utility costs

Implementing energy-saving tactics throughout your home can save you lots of money on your utility bills. Energy efficient appliances, light bulbs and other seemingly small parts of your home can have a big impact. Plus, energy efficient homes are better sealed, meaning you’ll lose less warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer.

2) Increased comfort levels

One of the reasons that energy efficient homes save you money also makes your home more comfortable. Energy efficient homes are sealed better and have a greater degree of air tightness. You won’t have to struggle with adjusting and re-adjusting the thermostat to keep your home comfortable: it will maintain a certain temperature for longer.

3) Better indoor air quality

Do you suffer from allergies or respiratory concerns? Then you’ll know the importance of good indoor air quality. But even if you don’t have any sensitivities to dust or pollutants, good air quality in your home is important for your health. Each home we build has air exchangers built-in which bring fresh air inside and help you breathe a little better.

4) Reduced environmental impact

A home that’s built with energy-saving standards uses less fuel and electricity, which makes it better for the environment. More energy efficient homes means less greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in your carbon footprint. They also help us to rely less on oil, natural gas and coal, which will make our natural resources last longer.

5) Access to better rebates & mortgage rates

While it’s not guaranteed, as the Ontario government starts to implement more laws and regulations regarding environmental friendliness, there will be the potential for more incentives for homeowners to be more energy efficient. Some homeowners may have access to better mortgage rates, rebates from CMHC for Energy Star homes, and even rebates from gas and other utility companies.

In 2019, the Ontario government will be implementing a law as part of its Climate Change Action Plan, requiring all new homes to be rated based on their efficiency – something that Sinclair Construction has already begun. Each home has a sticker with a rating between one and 100. By 2022, homeowners will need to meet a minimum energy efficiency rating to be able to sell a home.

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